2011 Most Popular Dog Breeds

labrador retriever puppy

Once again, it’s a great year to be a Labrador Retriever (for the 20th consecutive year!)The American Kennel Club has released their list of most popular dog breeds, and the list shows few surprises. Americans love certain kinds of dogs, and they love them the same year after year! Is your dog on the list?

10. Shih Tzu
9. Poodle
8. Dachshund
7. Boxer
6. Bulldog
5. Golden Retriever
4. Beagle
3. Yorkshire Terrier
2. German Shepherd
1. Labrador Retriever

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Ruff Wear Approach Dog back Pack

Your dog loves to go on hikes with, and now they can carry their own gear! Throw some treats and a leash in the Ruffwear Approach Pack and let your pup carry her own pack. This Ruffwear pack also comes in handy when you and your dog are training for longer backpacking trips. The Approach’s harness provides superior fitting, load-carrying stability, and improved support without excessive straps that might catch on twigs and bushes. Tough nylon fabric provides durability for years of use. Low-profile, streamlined saddlebags keep loads comfortably balanced so your dog can bound around without toppling over. This Ruffwear dog pack comes in three different sizes, so it’ll fit securely on small or large dogs.

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Dog Christmas Gift Basket

Dog Christmas Gift Basket

Treat the dog on your holiday list this year with our affordable toy and treat gift basket! These treats are baked with human grade ingredients the way you would bake them if only you had the time. Then they are hand frosted with a yogurt frosting.The toys and rawhide bones in this gift can be sized according to the size of the canine recipient. Make your selection and see the size difference below below.

This gift includes:
Christmas Themed Gift Box
(4) Lazy Dog Hand Decorated Merry Christmas Bones
Red Rawhide Christmas Bone
Green Rawhide Christmas Bone
Red Plush Squeaky Snowflake Bone Toy
Green Plush Squeaky Snowflake Bone Toy
Handwritten Gift Card

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Personalized Dog Christmas Stocking

dog christmas stocking

This Personalized Dog Christmas Stocking is a special gift that includes your dog in Christmas celebrations. At approximately 19 inches, the personalized Christmas stocking has plenty of room for your dog’s favorite treats. Vibrant embroidery and beautiful, life-like images of your dog’s breed make this dog stocking a keepsake to cherish on Christmas and always. Comes personalized with your dog’s name or a custom message up to 12 characters. A great gift for dog lovers!

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2010 Most Popular Dog Breeds

boxer puppy

The AKC recently announced their annual list of the top ten most popular dog breeds in America. Check out the list of the top 10 most popular dog breeds.

10. Shih Tzu
9. Poodle
8. Dachshund
7. Bulldog
6. Boxer
5. Beagle
4. Golden Retriever
3. Yorkshire Terrier
2. German Shepherd
1. Labrador Retriever

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Tibetan Mastiff Tips

tibetan mastiff  puppy

The first two years of your Tibetan Mastiff’s life will a challenge to say the least. They are slow to mature but very smart. The Tibetan Mastiff puppy is very mischievous and can cause quite a lot of damage in your home if left unsupervised or uncrated. Remember, you may have to kennel your dog one day or leave him overnight at the vet’s.

By the time your Tibetan Mastiff is four months old, you should be able to travel with him in a car, walk him on a leash and crate him fairly easily.

Tibetan Mastiffs are not well suited for apartment living because they like to climb and dig and tend to escape from enclosed areas if not properly built for this dog. They require regular exercise but should not be over worked. Due to their strong mindedness, this dog should not be a pet for a first time dog owner.

Recently, Tibetan Mastiff’s have become the “it” dog in China, with one couple paying over half a million dollars for one.

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50 Most Popular Female Dog Names

50 Most Popular Female Dog Names

According to 2008 data from VPI pet insurance, the list below shows the 50 most popular female dog names in America. Looking for a classic name for your furry pal? This list is a great place to start!

1. Bella
2. Molly
3. Lucy
4. Maggie
5. Daisy
6. Sophie
7. Sadie
8. Chloe
9. Bailey
10. Lola
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Top 50 Male Dog Names

Top 50 Male Dog Names

According to 2008 data from VPI pet insurance, the list below shows the 50 most popular dog names in North America!

1. Max
2. Buddy
3. Rocky
4. Bailey
5. Jake
6. Charlie
7. Jack
8. Toby
9. Cody
10. Buster
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german shepherd puppies

German Shepherds love their families and are very loyal and protective, which makes them popular choices. They are very eager and alert. They have a high capacity for learning, are obedient and cheerful and are eager to please.

German Shepherds should not be left alone for long periods of time. They must be socialized and firmly obedience trained from an early age and onward throughout their entire lives. A very firm yet loving attitude is necessary. Usually, Shepherds are not barkers but will bark as a warning of perceived danger.

The German Shepherd Dog does not give affection lightly; they display serious loyalty and fidelity, especially to its owner or main caretaker.
German Shepherds are used for guard work and search and rescue because they are fearless, direct, calm, confident, and intelligent. Aggression and attacks are usually a result of poor breeding or poor adjustment, handling, or training.

German Shepherds tend to have more dominant personalities than some breeds. Classes are extremely helpful. A German Shepherd Dog that thinks it’s the Alpha member of the pack can be difficult to handle or have as a family member.

As a family dog, your German Shepherd will enjoy obedience, agility, flyball, and various tracking activities.

be sure to do extensive research before getting a German Shepherd. Know the pups parents and any other relatives to make sure of the personality. Sadly, some breeders offer shy and nervous Alsatians for sale. These dogs should be avoided at all costs as they can be dangerous. Also, assess the diseases in the lineage.

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Which Dogs Can’t Swim?

dog life jacket

Going to the lake with your dog and wondering if you should get them a life jacket to go on the boat with the family? Good idea.

Basset Hounds and English Bulldogs, which are heavy dogs with short legs, are definitely not built for swimming. Also, the tiny dogs would not fair well in the water – chihuahuas, etc. While it is not a certainty that than any dog of such a breed can’t swim, it’s very difficult for them in general. If your dog has particularly short legs, you should really consider putting them into a life jacket.

Additionally, some dogs are afraid of water and can’t swim. Don’t assume that your dog will naturally be able to swim. Don’t leave any dog unsupervised in water, even if they are excellent swimmers.

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